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January 4, 2013 // Posted by mybravetruehero // Posted in: Happiness

I know that I’ve blogged about random acts of kindness in the past.  It’s still a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  A friend of mine told me an inspiring story today.  He had run out of gas running back and fourth taking his daughters to their respective lessons.  He knew that he was running low on gas but was determined not to be late picking his daughter up. Unfortunately, he trusted the gas indicator when it told him he had 10 miles of gas remaining.  He stalled out on the highway and began to try to push his truck off of the road.  My friend is a big guy, at least 6’2” but he noticed a bigger guy pulling up beside him to offer to help.  This stranger not only helped my friend push his truck to safety, he then went above and beyond and drove my friend to get gas and then drove him back to fill up his tank.  My friend offered the stranger money for his troubles and offended him.  The stranger wanted nothing in return except simple gratitude.  He commented that he often offers to help but gets turned down because people are intimidated by his size.

I thought there were so many lessons to be learned from this generous show of kindness. It’s good to know that kind, good hearted people do exist.  It’s important to return acts of kindness by paying it forward.  Ultimately, although it’s cliche, the final lesson is to never judge a book by its cover.

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