What thrill turns you on?!

January 5, 2013 // Posted by mybravetruehero // Posted in: Happiness

I was speaking with a friend of mine today and he asked “what thrill turns you on?”  If you had asked me that five years ago, I would’ve said, skiing, snow boarding, scuba diving, just about anything a life insurance company would consider an adventure sport.  Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy all of these activities but I notice now that I need less adrenaline, less ‘thrill’.  A getaway on a beach just relaxing, a sight-seeing tour in another country are exciting to me as well.  I think the difference between then and now is that I can appreciate just relaxing.  I can appreciate having balance in my life.

Obviously as we all get older, we evolve, or at least we hope to.  I notice that my thrills don’t have to focus on me and what makes me happy, they don’t have to be self serving.  A few years ago, a friend of mine and I traveled to Honduras for a medical mission.  We worked extremely long hours in what most would consider suboptimal conditions, but if I look back, I’d have to say that was a thrill as well.  Helping someone else and seeing their appreciation, was priceless. I look forward to many more medical missions balanced with some scuba diving.

So the question remains, what thrills turn you on today? And are they the same things you would have considered a thrill five years ago?

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